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by William Kinciad

The following list was collected by a comparison of the footnotes and readings of four different English versions of the Bible, the King James Version (KJV), the New King James Version (NKJV), the New American Standard Version (NASV), and the New International Version (NIV). (The NKJV was used for its documentation.) The purpose was to make a comprehensive listing of probable discrepancies between the three major Greek texts available today, the Textus Receptus, the Majority Text, and the Nestles Text. My immediate purpose was to have an objective comparison list to judge the relative similarity of different versions to the KJV, and to determine the source of the discrepancies between them. However, these are only the most probable discrepancies between modern versions, not all discrepancies. About 875 discrepancies are listed but no effort was made to distinguish between significant and insignificant discrepancies.

Listed alongside the KJV readings are the English equivalents of the Majority Text and the Nestles Text. The Majority Text in principle takes all Greek manuscripts as of equal value and displays the majority reading. The Nestles Text distinguishes between Greek manuscripts according to a more complex scheme, preferring more ancient ones over more recent ones, but also judging each reading individually by its own presumed merits, according to several other criteria. While the Nestles Text represents primarily the opinion of a general consensus of "expert" textual critics, it also gives enormous weight to the B manuscript (Vaticanus). This becomes evident when comparing the discrepancies in Revelation, where it is practically identical to the Majority Text. This is of course because B (Vaticanus) does not contain the book of Revelation.

The column marked "Code" are my findings for eight Spanish versions and revisions. Each digit found in the column represents one of the versions compared. If a digit corresponding to a version is listed then that version differs from the KJV in that text. Brackets indicate the difference is bracketed or italicized in the corresponding version. A question mark indicates that the difference is so slight that the problem of translation might be responsible for the appearance of difference.

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